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Book Review // Light On Glass By Michelle Keener

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Title: Light on Glass

Author: Michelle Keener


A failed author turned stay-at-home mom snaps. Tossing her yoga pants and ditching her carpool, she escapes suburban life to write the next Great American Novel...or at least, finish a draft. In a secluded mountain cabin with nothing but her laptop and an endless supply of coffee, she write the story of Lucia, a faithful woman from the eighteenth century who's determined to live life by her own rules. But the eccentric locals, a stream of new story ideas, and a suitcase full of doubt threaten to sabotage the book. Can she push through to resurrect her dreams or does being a mom mean leaving it behind?

Alternating between laugh-out-loud and ugly-cry inducing moments, Light on Glass is a humorous and heartbreaking look at writing, motherhood, and the love we leave behind.

This is the third book I have read by Michelle Keener and I have to say that she never disappoints. There were so many things about this story I loved--the number one thing being that the main character is a writer (like me!!!). I loved the book so much I was actually inspired to write a story (someday) where the main character is a writer too.

Light On Glass follows Sarah, who sees herself as a failed author and who is also struggling to juggle life as a stay-at-home. She is trying to write her next book but feels so overwhelmed by the life she is living and finds that she is often frustrated with not having time between looking after her two children, being a wife to her husband, and also being the one who keeps the family together (or so she thinks). With the help of her very supportive and understanding husband, Sarah makes a decision to go away for a week to write the first draft of her next novel.

While she's away in a secluded mountain cabin next to a lake, she starts writing the story of Lucia, a wealthy girl from 18th century Portugal who falls in love with Pedro--a poor fisherman. Throughout this novel we follow Sarah's journey from researching, outlining, planning, and then finally writing the full first draft of Lucia and Pedro's story.

This book explores in great depth the highs and lows of a writer's journey. It looks into what goes on inside a writer's brain, the cycle of endless doubt, the love-hate relationship we have with the process, the random inspirations we get, and just how vulnerable the whole process can make us. It's such a beautiful journey to see how the events in Sarah's life help shape her novel.

This review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the locals Sarah meets in this small town. Hank is the grumpy fisherman who Sarah sees at the same spot on the lake in his wooden boat every day. Aimee is the very bubbly beekeeper who sells at the general store and who also writes a blog about bees. Then there's Mrs , a scary librarian lady in the town's library who has a lot of criticisms about Sarah first published novel. Each and every one of these characters teach Sarah something about the writing process and also her own life.

I loved the back and forth between Sarah's story and Lucia and Pedro's story. I kept wanting to read more to know what would happen next. I was not expecting the plot twist at the end and the book actually brought me close to shedding tears. It's one of those books where you have to get to the last page before you can understand the meaning behind the title and the book cover. Everything makes sense and it carries such a deep message about home, love and loss. I will definitely recommend this book if you are into women's fiction with some romance.

If you want to read Light On Glass, you can get your copy on Amazon here.

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