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A 30 day poetry devotional all about God's love.

The name "beloved" refers to one who is dearly loved and deeply treasured. God called Jesus His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased and because of Jesus, we have been accepted into God’s family and given the right to be called His children. So we are deeply loved by our Heavenly Father and He loves us as much as He loves Jesus. But do you believe with all your heart?


What about when you are surrounded by the worries and cares of life? Are you still sensitive to His love then? Do you feel you are too imperfect to be loved by a perfect God? Do you feel you carry so much garbage that His love can't possibly take away?

Well here's a chance to find peace, comfort and joy in His presence. A chance to be reassured that His love for you never fails even in the storm. Packed with original poetry, reflections, prayer points, affirmations, and journaling prompts, this devotional seeks to encourage you to find true solace in the arms of a loving God.

You can get it using the links below. Please kindly leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Your reviews are so important and they make such a difference.

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Elissa W.

“Joan writes about the charter of God, our identity, and the days when we just don't feel loved. If you're looking for a devotional to grow your understanding of God's love towards you, you've stumbled upon the right book!!”

Michael O.

“This will shed light in your dark areas and strengthen you on how to stand firmly on the love of God.”

Jessica L.

“I thought it was deep, theologically sound, refreshing and I'm glad I read it. A few parts really spoke to me and were what I needed to hear.”



Day One: A Love Better Than Life

So pure
So unchanging
So precious
So fulfilling, it always leaves me wanting more

So timeless
So steadfast
So unconditional

So refreshing, it infuses my soul from the crown of my head

to the soles of my feet

Your love oh Lord

Yes, Your love

Your love took me away from the rejection of men

It picked me up and restored my faith in You
Your love met me bound to the chains of sin
It freed me and gave me a new song to sing

Your love met me broken and in the dark
It became a lamp for my feet and a light to my path

Your love filled my heart with reasons to rejoice

And it guided me back into Your presence

The more I live in Your presence Lord,
The more You capture my heart
And the more I fall in love with You
For no one can handle my heart as gently as You do

Your love is so gracious

So kind
So merciful
Yes, Your love

It is so captivating

So flawless
So empowering

Yes, Your love

I need it every hour of every day

I need it forever and always
For Your love is better than life


Scripture: Psalm 63:1-5

God’s love is all around us and this truth still stands even in the world we live in today. Many heart breaking events happening in our world seem to point us towards everything

that would be the opposite of love. And it may even be fair

to say that our world is broken because all we need to do now is look at the news headlines to see evidence that hatred, anger and division have taken over.

But in spite of all these things, there is one truth that still remains. God’s love is all around us. Psalm 63 was written by King David while he was in the desert of Judah. He was in this dry and weary land with no water yet, he still expressed his longing and desperation for God’s love.

The psalmist proclaimed that he had beheld God’s power and glory and that the only thing capable of bringing him satisfaction in that desert was God’s love. He then went on to say that he longed for God’s love because it is better than life itself (Verse 3). This declaration came from a man who had fully experienced the fullness of the love of God.

The Bible teaches that it was because of God’s love for us that He created us and breathed the breath of life into our lungs so that we could become living beings (Genesis 2:7). It is because of His love for us that we are able to live, move and even exist (Acts 17:28). Each breath we take is a testament to His love and He is our life support.

Do the troubles in our world today make it seem like you too are in a dry, parched and weary land just like King David was? In this desert place, what are you longing for? Are you longing for God’s love too? Are you longing for His presence and to see the fullness of His glory? Does your soul always hunger and thirst for Him? Are you sensitive to His love? Do you truly

believe that His love is better than life itself?

It would be interesting to know what inspired King David to make such a powerful declaration and as you go through this book, my prayer is that you too will become more sensitive to God’s love and that His presence will be all you seek. I also pray that hopefully, you will be able to declare in your heart and believe without any doubts that His love for you is better

than life itself.

As you step out today, you can take comfort in His love for you. Seek His loving face always, spend time in His presence and let Him fill your heart with the joy and peace that flows

freely from His throne. He loves you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for Your love which gives me life. Please help me to be more sensitive to it today. Help me to take comfort in it even in this broken world. In

Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s affirmation: I will seek God’s love always because it is better than life.

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