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Book Review // Now You Know Where It Pinches By Tope Omotosho

Title: Now You Know Where It Pinches

Author: Tope Omotosho

Series: Marriage Series Book 2


Jadesola's dream is to be married with 2 kids at 33, building her home and cosying up with hubby, as she endures late nights with the kids awake during the holidays. That's her dream, but that hasn't happened yet.

While she's thriving in her work-life, Barrister Jadesola had always known being in a relationship wouldn't be easy. Let alone a marriage, but Barrister Jadesola is ready to rise above the waves, whatever they may be.

Desperate for something new, and tired of unrequited love, she considers online dating which she has never done before. Between finding lè boo, and working through a career defining case, she goes through different hurdles that threaten to knock her off her path. When love, once again, knocks on her door, she meets a man who seems to have everything she could ever want in a husband, but will there be one thing wrong that will threaten to make the love fizzle out?

When a show pinches, it's either you change it or go with the flow.

Will she barrel through with the lessons or throw in the towel and settle for less?

This is the second book in the marriage series by the author Tope Omotosho. if you'd like to read my review of book one (With These Shoes I Thee Wed), then you can click on the link here. Again, I was given the amazing opportunity to review an advanced reader copy of this book and after reading the first book, I was so excited for this one.

The one thing I was hoping for in this book was a deeper exploration of some of my favourite characters from book one and let me tell you that the author did not disappoint me. In my first review, I had already expressed that my favourite character was Mayowa so when I read the blurb of this book and didn't see his name in it, I didn't think he was going to appear much in it.

It was however a pleasant surprise to find out that the book actually has four points of views (Mayowa, Toke, Jadesola, and Fynn) and it is not all about Jadesola's story. I loved learning more about Jadesola in this book as I didn't think I knew her much from book one. Unlike book one where I thought some of the points of views were unnecessary, I enjoyed this book a lot more as I thought each point of view gave us a greater insight and understanding of the characters' fears, weaknesses and strengths. I loved that we could see the growth of the characters in this book which is a lot more than in the first book.

I loved that the author threw these characters into a whole new world of challenges which stretched their faith and challenged them in more ways than one. It was a very gripping story and once I got into it, I could not put the book down as I just wanted to know what happened next.

I loved that we could see both sides of the coin--a married couple, and someone who was single. I loved how the author explored the marital struggles especially when it comes to ministry. I loved the recurrent theme throughout the book which was dying to ourselves, and learning to surrender to God's will for our lives. I also loved the emphasis on not ruling out endless possibilities, and not limiting the hand of God in the way He works. It was beautiful to see how everything unfolded because for majority of the book, I could not predict what would happen next (which is a good thing).

The biggest encouragement I took away from this book was the powerful significance of waiting on God. The last chapter says "Wait and see" and I loved that the ending still left the reader with some degree of uncertainty. I thought that was very realistic because many times in life, we find ourselves in situations where we know nothing for sure other than the fact that we can trust in the God who knows all things.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporary Christian romance. It doesn't matter if you're married or single. I think the lessons in this book are for everyone. The third book in the series is in the works and to be honest, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Anyway, I'd have to wait and see haha.

What book have you read recently?

Will you be picking up Now You Know Where It Pinches?

If you want to pick it up, you can get it on Amazon, Okada Books and Bambooks.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a lovely day.

God bless you.

Joanny :)

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