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Meet The Characters Of My Second Contemporary Christian Romance Novel

Updated: Apr 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog.

I hope you are all doing well by God's grace. Today I'm so excited to share a little about the characters of my second novel called The One Who Loves Me. It is a contemporary Christian romance novel releasing on the 21st of May 2022 and it is book 2 in the Sovereign Love series. Book 1 is called The One Who Knows Me and it is available for you to purchase now. Check out more about book 1 here.

I had so much fun writing about my main characters and I'm so happy to introduce you to the first one. Her full name is Amarachukwu Ifeoma Ikezie but everyone calls her Amara. If you’ve read book 1 (The One Who Knows Me) then you would recognise her as Teeyana’s best friend.

Many of you loved her in TOWKM so I hope you enjoy her own story. Writing Amara’s story taught me that even when we are unfaithful in our service to God, He still remains faithful to us. Her story also taught me that God can use anyone to bring glory to Himself and it doesn’t matter if we don’t believe we have what it takes. Having Jesus is all we need. He is more than enough for us.

The second main character is called Raymond. His full name is Raymond Oluwagbemiga Aderinto, he is a new character and he was so fun to write.

I loved including all the fun parts of his personality, his quirks and all the things that make him unique. His story has taught me about selflessly loving others in spite of how much we have been hurt in the past. God is still in the business of healing our broken hearts and Raymond’s story taught me about never growing weary in doing good even when we have been betrayed by others.

I can’t wait for you guys to meet them and learn from their faith journeys. If you would like to find out more about them, there’s a YouTube video up on my channel now where I talk a bit more about his character including the meaning of his names. You can watch by clicking the video on your right.

If you’d love to be part of the TOWLM book launch team and help me reveal the cover, promote on social media, and get a free ebook to review, then sign up here. As mentioned above. It’s totally fine if you haven’t read book 1.

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Thank you so much for reading

God bless you

Joanny 💕

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