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Book Review // Love Me Again By Tope Omotosho

Title: Love Me Again

Author: Tope Omotosho Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Age Category: Adult


After a close brush with death, she wakes up. The life she once knew is over.

Growing up, it was ingrained in Tahira's mind to don the hat of wife and mother to perfection by fulfilling three roles: care for her family, be submissive to her husband, and remain devout to God. Yet, Tahira is devastated at her failure to fulfil one of such life's callings.

Especially after a near-death experience causes her to forget the last eight years of her life and thus, makes the simple things complicated. She awakens to a life that leaves her confused and opens her to change her valued perspective in life.

Idris has always loved a challenge. To him, there's no obstacle he can't barrel through – even when one of his past challenges involved winning the heart of his rigid college sweetheart, Tahira. In the course of the many twists and turns life tosses his way, he doesn't anticipate the hurts and frustrations that accompany his marriage. And now, with Tahira's memory loss and more – Idris is left with choices that would either set him free from his vows to Tahira or open his heart to someone new.

Is there hope of them loving each other again?

My Review:

This is the fourth book I've read by the author and I have to say her books never disappoint 😁. Tope has a way of throwing her characters into very tight corners. Her books have unpredictable plots and they just keep you turning the page. Many times when I was reading this book I had to ask myself "how are the characters actually going to get out of this situation?" and many times, Tope showed through her story-telling that with man, many things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

LMA is the third book in the First Love Series and having not read the first two books, I was a little apprehensive about reading this one. There was actually nothing to worry about because this book follows different characters with their own stories. I loved that this book tackled very deep topics like terrorism, rape, and dealing with chronic illness. I know these topics are not very common in Christian fiction, but I love that the author didn't shy away from them.

This was the first book I read with a Muslim protagonist so I loved diving into their culture and learned so much about Islam itself. I also really loved the autism representation in this book--especially in a character who didn't let it limit him. I loved reading about the growth of the characters and their journey of faith. Even though I knew things were going to end well, Tope kept me at the edge of my seat throughout because I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.

I loved the romance between Idris and Tahira and I feel bad about this, but I also loved the romance between Idris and Malika. I don't like love triangles but when both women are equally as nice and kind, and when the author writes the romances so well, I never know who to root for lol. I also loved the side characters and their stories--especially Nini and Ahmari. Peju and Abdul were also very good friends to the main characters, however, I didn't care much about their points of view because I didn't know them well so whenever their POVs came up I found myself skimming.

There was a tiny detail about the story which bothered me, but I'm only pointing it out because I work in the medical field. After the accident which took away Tahira's memory, she ended up in a hospital with really nice doctors and nurses who cared for her. One of the doctors there was Nini who later became Tahira's friend. There was a scene where Nini came in to Tahira's room to discuss some blood test results. These test results contained bad news (two pieces of bad news in fact) and I didn't really care for the way Nini delivered the news to Tahira. I know if someone walked in on me holding up a piece of paper with my results like that and blurting things out all in one go, I would be very upset the same way Tahira was. I thought that encounter made Nini seem as if she didn't have much empathy. Again, it's just the medical professional in me being very picky. I would stress that that small detail did not take away anything from the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and I would recommend it if you're looking for adult Christian romantic fiction which tackles deep themes but which also points us to the light and love of Christ.

You can get copies of LMA by clicking the links below:

Thanks for reading

God bless you

Joanny 💕

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